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Guiding You Through Intuitive Eating

and Body Positivity 


Hi, my name is Alyson Gaylord and I'm so happy you are here. As a Registered Dietitian, I practice in a weight-inclusive, nonrestrictive manner. This means that instead of focusing on weight loss, I focus on healing relationships with food and body, and creating sustainable health behavior change. Join me on the journey of healthy balance, intuitive eating, and body positivity. 


Food and body are much more than the numbers associated with them. Food is a way of connecting to others, whether socially or culturally.

E.F., 28 y/o

"Alyson's patient approach of providing informed guidance, forgiving validation, and encouragement to challenge my relationships with my body and food gave me the confidence to finally disrupt years of disordered eating and body image issues. She asks thorough questions and provides excellent resources, all the while making you feel completely in control of your own path to creating healthy changes in your life. I couldn't recommend her more!"

K.B., 21 y/o

"Working with Alyson was the most comfortable experience I have ever had working with anyone in the health field as a minority. She was extremely patient with me and allowed me to go through my rough days with no judgment. She saw me at my lowest points and never gave up on me even when I felt like giving up myself. She had given me the skills and the tools to be able to dig my way out and view eating from a completely different perspective which allowed me to grow a healthier mindset towards food and shrink my eating disorder voice almost completely. Working with her has allowed me to overcome many of my fear foods, get back in the gym and enjoy eating and socializing with others. This was something I was never able to do myself. She said this saying to me that I have held on to forever, “Your body is like a machine and food is its fuel, the machine will stop working without its fuel.”

A.I., 21 y/o

"In the past 2 years of seeing Aly, I have had the most improvement and growth in my relationship with food and my body that I have ever had. Her support has helped me get myself to a point in recovery that I never believed I could achieve. She is compassionate and caring and has always been patient, supportive and encouraging through my ups and downs. I can very confidently say that I would not be in the healthy place I am in now without her help."



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